Collection of OCI cards Collection of OCI cards

Collection of OCI cards

The apppcants are required to check the status of their OCI apppcation at the website: the OCI status shows processed and received at Nairobi, the OCI card can collected from our counters on any working day from 1200-1300 hrs by bringing the following documents: 

1. Printout of the status of your OCI apppcation
2. Original Receipt for your apppcation
3. Original Passport
4. Original PIO (in case of PIO-to-OCI Apppcations)
5. Original OCI (in case of OCI Miscellaneous Apppcations)  

Please note that the apppcant has to come personally to collect the OCI cards. Only in case of minor children or elderly persons, members of the immediate family i.e. parents or children can collect the OCI cards. For collecting the OCI cards in respect of elderly individuals, their children should bring an authorisation letter at the time of collection.